1 - [Start Here!] Welcome to the Re-Creation Center by DeNicea Hilton
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1 - [Start Here!] Welcome to the Re-Creation Center

Enrollment is closed

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Welcome, Y'all!
Welcome to the ReCreation Center
2 mins
Intentions and Membership Benefits
11 mins
Meet De'Nicea, Your Holistic PLAY Activator
6 mins
Monthly Play Schedule.mov
2 mins
Your Quick To-Do List
Add Your Glitter In the Membership!
Complete Your Member Profile
Complete New Member Survey
Schedule Your Quick Chat With Me
Join the Perfect Playground Community
Membership Benefits Breakdown
Experiential Workshops
10 mins
PlayDate Group Consultations
6 mins
Intentions of New Moon Meditation and Visualization
6 mins
PlayMaste Guided Meditations and Visualizations
8 mins
Glad You're Here - See You Around!
2 mins
Closing and What's Next
1.14 GB